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We exist to provide high-quality education and effective eczema care to two groups of people. Firstly, to chronic eczema sufferers who are frustrated because nothing they have tried has given them relief, and secondly, to holistic health professionals who are open to learning proven ways to provide real help to their eczema patients.

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More than 31,000,000 Americans suffer from Eczema

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Carolyn Akinyemi

The truth is, there is no one-size-fits-all solution. The word "eczema" is not really a diagnosis of what is wrong but rather a label that fits this particular type of rash. The eczema rash has many different causes, though. People do not all have the same root cause, and this is why what works for one person often does not work for another.

Whether you are an eczema sufferer or a health professional with eczematous clients, it is vital to understand the inner workings of eczema in all eight of the medical fields that can be involved in driving eczema from the inside. You will only learn how to effectively manage this condition when you learn to treat the roots, not just the fruits!

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Monthly Q & A

What do we teach in our training videos?


What has gone wrong with my skin?

How do I stop itching fast without using steroid creams?


Is my immune system hyperactive?

How can I lower inflammation naturally without injecting myself?


What nutritional deficiencies are KNOWN to cause Eczema?

Where can I find these nutrients in food? What is the best diet for Eczema sufferers?


Why do I get terrible Eczema flares when I get stressed?

How can I improve my stress responses naturally, so I don't trigger flares?


Have I got an Atopic gene?

Do my genes control me, or can I control my genes to improve my health? How can I help my body make healthier skin from the inside out?


Why am I developing more allergies?

Why do I get Eczema flares when I eat foods I had a negative allergy test for? Can I do anything to stop the allergic march?


Do probiotics help, and if so, how do I know which ones to take?

(Why waste money on ones that don't work?) Does leaky gut impact eczema, and how can I improve my gut function?


Which toxin exposures are KNOWN to make eczema worse?

Where am I exposed to them? How do I test for them? And how can I detox safely without triggering flares?

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Discover the Hidden Driver of Your Eczema!

Take This Quick Quiz to Uncover the Secret Eczema Driver Inside Your Body!

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If you are an Eczema sufferer, we can teach you more about effective protocols than you have EVER been told, and if you are a health professional we can teach you exactly where you need to focus your attention, what tests you should be conducting, and how to get real, effective relief for your clients while Doing No Harm!

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